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A unique Security and Risk Management business that provides a secure online vulnerability self-assessment tool and bespoke risk mitigation advice.

VSAT® enables you to conduct a security audit to UK Government and internationally recognised standards prepared by our team of experienced security and intelligence professionals. By answering a number of detailed questions on a range of security related areas, you can quickly, effectively and efficiently understand the level of risk you might be carrying on one or more of your sites. The Vulnerability Self Assessment Tool will provide you with an online report that identifies the risks and recommends the appropriate mitigation strategies whilst signposting you to the relevant best practice.

arl partners have extensive security and intelligence experience in the public and private sectors. We have a proven track record of designing and implementing innovative software solutions.

VSAT® uses the latest microservice architecture which, with its generic, modular framework, enables us to respond to any individual client’s specific needs. And by leveraging the speed of the internet and the flexibility of digital platforms, VSAT can enhance any business’s operational effectiveness and efficiency, reducing their costs and mitigating a wide range of risks.

Our team of experts can also conduct onsite audits to quality assure the responses within the self-assessments and provide detailed security advice to meet your precise requirements.


Complete your AEO status application with greater ease, accuracy and confidence.

VSAT is being utilised for Authorised Economic Operator Accreditation. See SafeguardAEO website

Knowing you need AEO status is the easy part. Applying and securing it is more complex. The AEO application has over 240 questions. Many are technical and detailed and require supporting documentation. If you fail to answer any of these to HMRC's precise requirements your application may be rejected. Fortunately SafeguardAEO is here to help.

SafeguardAEO website

Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu endorses VSAT

Neil Basu, Assistant Commissioner Specialist Operations at the Metropolitan Police, when addressing the Current and Future Threat Landscape at Pool Re on 13th November 2018 described VSAT® as a truly “innovative approach” to risk mitigation and part of a broader approach “designed to promote and share security best practice”.

Pool Re uses VSAT® to reduce premium costs.

“Raising awareness of terrorism risk, as well as promoting and incentivising the adoption of proven risk mitigation measures, are core to Pool Re's strategy. VSAT® is the latest example of this," said Steve Coates, chief underwriting officer at Pool Re. "VSAT has been built to deal with contemporary terrorism threats and provide a framework for policyholders to benchmark their approach to terrorism risk management.

The company said that the tool will enable Pool Re member insurers to offer a 5 percent premium discount to insureds which implement proven and effective risk mitigation measures. It builds on Pool Re’s collaboration with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office’s Places programme which offers discounts for risks covered by the programme.

The vulnerability self-assessment tool (VSAT ®) is co-developed with ARL Partners, and is available to all Pool Re member insurers.

Nuclear Security Assurance Model launched

Nuclear Security Assurance Model (NSAM) developed as a Joint Venture between ARL Partners and Amport Risk Limited, enables nuclear Duty Holders to:

  • conduct a security assurance audit online,
  • in a secure digital environment,
  • mapped to regulatory expectations and guidance,
  • for both Civil and Defence Nuclear Security Regulators.

Cyber Essentials


arl Partners have been awarded Cyber Essentials Plus

  • Reassurance that we are working to secure your IT against cyber attack
  • Have cyber security measures in place
  • We have a clear picture of your organisation's cyber security level

Extensive Security and Intelligence Experience

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On line assessments

VSAT® enables you to conduct a security assessment to UK Government and internationally recognised standards. VSAT® is ideally suited for an organisation that needs to conduct any form of security review across multiple sites that are spread out geographically. VSAT® will take the user through a series of questions that are designed to identify any key security vulnerabilities and risks. Once the questions have been answered, the user will instantly receive an online report that provides an overall risk rating, a detailed explanation why certain risks may have been highlighted, and suggested mitigating strategies designed to reduce the risk.

Onsite audits

Arl partners have a team of trained and accredited security professionals who are available to conduct any on-site audits or verification visits to quality assure the responses provided on VSAT®. Using methodologies and standards first created by the UK Government for protective security, our consultants can also deploy as part of your team or independently to support or quality assure any security related work that might be required to close off any risks that might have been identified on VSAT®.

Help and advice

At arl partners, we have considerable experience and expertise delivering the highest levels of security in some of the world’s most challenging environments and at some of the most complex critical national infrastructure sites, public venues and retail centres. We are available to help you meet whatever security challenges you might face.

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